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Terms and conditions of using CV-Mailer

Service CV-Mailer ( hereinafter - the "Service") is designed to perform an automatic mailing of seamen CVs to e-mail addresses of maritime crewing companies, managements, operators, ship owners, etc. The CV-Mailer database consists of companies addresses posted on their official websites, listed in public online data bases, as well as directly in the CV-Mailer database.

CV-Mailer provides services to individuals, according to the conditions described below. CV-Mailer has the right to refuse in service to anyone for any reason.

The services are provided in full compliance with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We keep only those user data that are necessary for the provision of site services and which the user has provided to us voluntarily. We save the user's email and CV only for the period required to provide the service. After completion of the service, all user personal data is deleted immediately. We do not collect any additional information about the user and do not transfer personal user data to third-party services. We do not have access to payment card data. The entire payment service is responsible for the security of payments.

User agrees that he uses the service on his own risk. Service is provided "as is" and "as available". CV-Mailer does not warrant that: the service will meet your requirements, the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, the quality of a service, information, etc., obtained from the use of the service will meet your expectations.

CV-Mailer is not responsible for the accuracy of the data, their relevance and current operating state of the e-mail addresses published by the companies and saved in the database. CV-Mailer does not check the companies for valid licenses availability. CV -Mailer is not involved in any further correspondence of companies with seafarers and is not responsible for any data received by seamen during such correspondence and future relationships with any company. You start any correspondence and all relationship with the companies at your own risk.

CV-Mailer does not have access to personal user data when using the paid service, cardholder data and does not store user files. CV-Mailer is not responsible for the content of users’ files. User agrees not to use the services for purposes leading to violating of information confidentiality, or which may cause system failures.

Service is provided in current state in which it was developed by CV-Mailer. User has no right to demand from the CV-Mailer to upgrade or change the process of providing the services in accordance with his personal needs.
Current terms of use may be changed by CV-Mailer unilaterally.

You fully accept these terms when using the service CV-Mailer.