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Vacancies for Seamen Aggregator - вакансии и работа для моряков от крюинговых компаний СНГ



Vacancies for Seamen Aggregator

We are collecting the most useful information during searching for job at sea – new vacancies for seamen from all over the world. Here you can see popular and active maritime web-sites with regularly updated vacancies for seafarers, such as pages with new vacancies in offshore fleet, on merchant and passenger ships from crewing companies and shipowners. You may use all maritime web-sites with vacancies at sea right from this page or use a direct link to any maritime web-site for seamen.

CV-Mailer is not a partner of any maritime web-site, it advertises and gives direct links absolutely for free. CV-Mailer has no information about any vacancies for seafarers from maritime web-sites and does not employ seamen. Service is provided “as is”. If you have any information about another good and active maritime web-site and you want to see it in vacancies aggregator, please inform us via .